Janice Renock


Few executive recruiters can say they understand how it feels to be in their clients’ shoes–Janice is one of the few. Janice honed a successful corporate career throughout Orange County working in human resources within a wide range of industries, specializing in talent acquisition and leadership development. She was first introduced to APEX when she decided to team up with Bev for a corporate hiring need. Having worked with several executive search firms in the past, Janice was drawn to Bev’s straightforward approach and her ability to work synergistically to satisfy her team’s hiring needs.

Their professional relationship grew into a personal connection. Janice moved to Bakersfield, taking leave of her corporate career to focus on her family. Sharing many of the same values, Janice joined Bev’s team at APEX as an Executive Recruiter. Leveraging her HR generalist background, she supports client’s business development through candidate generation and assessment. By having seen firsthand the successes and pitfalls of hiring decisions, Janice provides a unique perspective to the team. Her ability to weigh in on a candidate’s potential and fit illuminates the soft skills that can otherwise be a challenge to measure.

Janice loves the impact of her work but family comes first for her, including the family’s two beloved dogs. Her son is now in his senior year, and she is his biggest cheerleader at football games. She regularly volunteers and supports his football team.