Apex Executive Search, LLC was established in 1996 to find the right match and build strong, synergistic teams.

We see beyond a job description or list of qualifications because we aren’t just looking to fill a position. We match the right executive with the right leadership team, setting both our clients and candidates up for long-term success.

A large majority of our work comes through referrals from satisfied and repeat clients and from candidates who felt they were well represented during prior searches. We act as a trusted advisor who wants the best for our clients and candidates.

Focusing on the right “fit”

While many executive candidates will have the right qualifications for the position you need to fill, we know that the success of your business depends on a variety of factors. Company leaders spend more time with their peers and colleagues than with friends and family. Therefore, we look past the resume to the people and personalities behind the resumes. A one-dimensional resume never captures all of the nuances that we learn about people from our in-person personal interviews to the myriad of conversations we have with both candidates and clients as we benchmark and fine tune during the recruiting process. We know how important company culture is and history shows the impact a bad hire can have on an organization so we take every step to insure that never happens. We take the responsibility for partnering with you to make great hires in your organization our top priority.


We serve companies from the energetic start-ups to nationally PE-sponsored operating companies to Fortune 500 notables. A sampling of our clients include:  Jacuzzi Group Worldwide (Invest Industrial), HireRight (General Atlantic Partners), Apeel Sciences (Andreessen Horowitz), The Trade Desk, The HydraFacial Company, Opera Limited, Arlo Technologies, Alteryx, Marvell, TPx Communications (Siris Capital Group), E.B. Bradley Co. (PSP Capital Partners), Enow Software, Swann Communications, International Vitamin, Inc., Rehrig Pacific, Young’s Holdings Inc., The Travel Corporation, Alliance Healthcare, Fleischmann’s Vinegar Company, SmartStop Asset Management, LLC and many others.